My Work

I work in the UK and internationally with:

  • Funder organisations in the charitable, statutory and corporate sectors
  • Charities, social enterprises and other ‘not for profit’ and community organisations
  • Individual social investors, philanthropists and organisations wishing to encourage new philanthropic and social impact investing initiatives
  • Social investment, charity and philanthropy advisers


  • The review and evaluation of existing strategies, governance, programmes and practice
  • The development and implementation of new policies and activity
  • The introduction of new ways – through, for example, Social Investment – of financing voluntary organisations, social enterprises, neighbourhood renewal and other social purpose organisations
  • The promotion of personal philanthropy and the support of individual philanthropists
  • The selection and induction of senior staff, providing an independent contribution to the recruitment process
  • The personal and professional development of individual Board Chairs, Chief Executives and other senior staff to help them address the challenges of leadership, to clarify options and to resolve problems.

In all my work, I strive to help organisations strengthen themselves by diversifying the ways they use financial and other resources and by enhancing their standards of governance and management practice.

I am also regularly commissioned to speak at conferences and to write reports.

I have listed the work that I have been commissioned to carry out in the following categories: