Mentor/Staff Development

I am or have been adviser and ‘mentor’ to: –

  • The Chief Executive of a large national charity that provides social care services
  • The Chief Executive of a national ‘second-tier’ membership organisation for local youth services
  • The Finance Director of a housing association providing accommodation and support for homeless people in London
  • The senior staff team of a national grant-making organisation
  • The Chief Executives of two organisations (one national; one regional) working on behalf of social enterprises
  • The Directors of four endowed charitable trusts/foundations
  • The Chief Executive of an international NGO specialising in the development of mental health services
  • The senior executive team of a charity running an appeal to set up a national centre
  • The Chief Executive of a national organisation that promotes and supports social entrepreneurs
  • The Director of Finance and Corporate Services of a lottery funds distributor
  • The Chief Executive of a national charity working on environmental education and schools
  • The Chief Executive of a venture philanthropy fund
  • The Head of Ethical & Responsible Investment of an investment management company
  • The Managing Director of a Europe-wide association of philanthropy funds
  • The Managing Partner of a philanthropy advisory service
  • The Chief Executive of an international NGO working with rural communities on the creation of income opportunities
  • The Chief Executive of national organisation whose members are engaged in the regeneration of communities
  • and have provided “first 100 days” assistance to the Chair of a non-departmental public body and to the Chief Executive of a new special fund for enhancing and extending the provision by voluntary organisations of publicly funded services.