Speaking Engagements – Conferences And Seminars 2001-2006

A & B (Arts & Business) and the Jerwood Charity – speaker on ‘The Funding Environment’ at conference on ‘Mission, Models and Money’ (June 2004)

A & B (Arts & Business) – speaker on ‘How to Apply to Trusts and Foundations’ (December 2005)

Allavida – speaker on ‘Social investment and new mechanisms of community development finance: global innovations and local opportunities’, Nairobi; and on ‘Theory of Change: What is it? Why is it Important?’ at residential workshop on ‘Foundations for Social Justice’, Limuru, Kenya (May 2005)

Asia-Pacific Centre for Philanthropy and Social Investment, Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne – The 2003 Heloise Waislitz Fellow, lectures in Melbourne and Sydney on ‘How Trusts and Foundations Can Be More Than Grantmakers’; also seminars on, ‘Outcomes and Impact’ and ‘Social Investment & Programme Related Investment’ (October 2003)

Association of Charitable Foundations – speaker at ‘Making Funding accessible to Black and Minority Ethnic Groups’ conference (March 2002); speaker on ‘Outcomes and the Investor Approach’ at seminar (October 2002); speaker on ‘Better Giving in a Changing World – Setting the National Scene’ and ‘Venture Philanthropy – a New Concept or an Old Idea Re-wrapped?’ at National Conference (April 2003)

BASSAC (now Locality) – speaker on ‘What Does the Future Hold?’ at Board/Staff Residential (July 2006)

BBC – speaker on ‘Silent Significant Revolution – Charities On The March’ at Corporate Social Responsibility Seminar with Children in Need and the World Service Trust, ‘Living Public Impact : Making A Difference Through Effective & Strategic Programmes’ (April 2005)

Bearhunt – speaker on ‘Outcomes Funding – what is it and what are the consequences?’ at conference on The Big Lottery Fund (July 2004)

Bertelsmann and Rockefeller Foundations – The Philanthropy Workshop – speaker on ‘Donor Grantee relations: lessons from the field’ Berlin (January 2004)

Big Lottery Fund – co-presenter at staff seminar on ‘The Grant-Making Tango: Issues for Funders’ (November 2004);speaker at Board ‘away-day’ on ‘Different Approaches to Grant-making’ (November 2005)

Charity Accountants Conference – speaker on ‘Financing the Voluntary and Community Sector – Future Prospects and Possibilities’ (September 2005)

Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) – speaker on ‘Why Do Trusts and Foundations Keep rejecting My Applications?’ at conference for university development officers and fund-raisers at Heriot-Watt University (September 2001)

CFDG (Charity Finance Directors’ Group) – speaker on ‘Social Investment – a Charitable Activity?’ at 10th Annual CFDG Conference (May 2001)

Church Urban Fund – speaker at trustees’ special meeting on ‘The Current “World” of Trusts and Foundations’ (May 2003)

Citizens Advice – speaker on ‘Promoting Value – Demonstrating Success’ at national conference (September 2003)

Community Development Finance Association – speaker on ‘Investment by Charities in CDFIs – Programme Related Investment’ at national conference on ‘Risk + Reward + Values’ (June 2002)

Community Foundation Network – speaker on ‘Outcomes Funding’ at Chair’s event (December 2002); and at sessions on ‘Outcomes Funding’ and on ‘Social Investment’ at national ‘Making Waves’ conference (September 2003)

Community Fund (North East & North West Regions) – speaker at a conference and seminars on ‘Outcomes and The Investor Approach’ (September and November 2002)

Coutts Bank Philanthropy Services – speaker on ‘Beyond Giving’ at seminar on ‘Increasing Effectiveness’ (February 2006)

Cumbria Funders Forum/Cumbria Voluntary Sector Training Conference – speaker at conference on ‘Outcomes Funding and the Investor Approach’ (March 2003)

Directory of Social Change/Association of Charitable Foundations – speaker on ‘Who is Doing What? Making Sense of the Buzz-words’ at The New Grant-Making conference at Charity Fair (April 2003)

European Foundation Centre – speaker on ‘New Philanthropy: the “Real Thing” or “The Emperor’s New Clothes”?’ at the 5th EFC Summer Academy on Philanthropy: ‘Managing Change in Foundations: Strategic Shifts in a Complex Environment,’ Vigo (September 2006); co-leader Philanthropy Institute Programme Roundtable ‘Increasing Impact and Leverage Through Social Investment,’ Brussels (December 2006)

European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA) – speaker at 2nd (Paris – September 2006 ) Annual European Conference

Foundation for Good Governance (in association with Governance Works) – speaker on ‘Board Membership with Purpose and Fun’ at Participation in Governance conference (September 2004)

Futurebuilders England – speaker at staff ‘away day’ (June 2004); panel chair at Learning Conference (October 2005)

Goldman Sachs Asset Management – speaker on ‘The World beyond Fundraising and Investment Returns’ at ‘Bridging the Gap’ seminar for charities, foundations and endowments (September 2004)

Guardian Charity Investment Conference – speaker on ‘Programme Related Investment – should charities invest in the community as well as in the market?’ at conference on ‘Managing Risk in Volatile Times’ (October 2002)

Institute for Philanthropy – speaker on ‘Issues in Foundation Governance – Building a Learning Culture’ at The Philanthropy Workshop (June 2006)

Institute of Fundraising – speaker at London Region Fundraising Masterclass (April 2003); speaker on ‘Getting it Right First Time: why get Rejected and Dejected?’ at SE Region (December 2004); speaker on ‘Crystal Ball Gazing: trends in funding’ at National Convention (July 2005)

Issimo – speaker at Benefactor User Group seminar: ‘Trusts: Resistant to Risk?’ (January 2002)

Jordans Charity Trustee Training Seminar – speaker on ‘Essential Skills for Charity Trustees’ (June 2006); chair of ‘Charity Finance and Investment Conference’ (November 2006)

London Benchmarking Group – speaker on ‘Trends in Measurement – Outcomes and Impact’ at Plenary Meeting (February 2004)

London Funders – speaker on ‘Issues, trends and new policy directions in the external environment which will or should impact on the work of the various funders’ at Executive Group Away-Day (June 2006)

Lottery Monitor – speaker on ‘Outcomes and the Investor Approach’ at Lottery Monitor conference (July 2003)

National Council for Voluntary Organisations – speaker on ‘The Measurement of Impact and Outcomes in the Voluntary Sector’ at Measuring Impact conference (November 2002)

National Council for Voluntary Organisations and On Board – speaker on ‘Leading from the Top: Effective Chairing’ and, with Linda Laurance, on ‘The Board as One: Achieving agreement, resolving conflict and building relationships’ at Annual Trustee Conference (November 2006)

NCVO Sustainable Funding Project – speaker on ‘What’s Important on the Funding Horizon?’ and ‘Outcome Funding – Investing for Impact and Measuring Success’ at ‘On A Clear Day’ national conference (March 2003) and on ‘Social Investment – Friend or Foe?’ at national conference (March 2004)

National Foundation for Youth Music – speaker on ‘Identifying Outcomes – Making And Demonstrating Lasting Change’ at Youth Music Action Zone (YMAZ) and Music Leader Conference, ‘Visibility and Sustainability’ at Dartington Hall (July 2005)

Northern Ireland Funders’ Forum – speaker at ‘Fit For the Future’ conference, Derry (November 2004)

School for Social Entrepreneurs – speaker at seminar on ‘Investments with Social Returns’ (April 2002)

Scotland Funders’ Forum – speaker on ‘The Investor Model’ (December 2005)

Scottish Grant Making Trusts Group – speaker at seminar on ‘Current Issues in Grant Making’ (February 2002)

Skoll World Forum for Social Entrepreneurship, Said Business School, Oxford – speaker on ‘The 21st Century Foundation – if I went back to the drawing board’ in session on ‘Leading Efforts to Expand the Spectrum of Social Investing’ (March 2006)

Task Force on Resourcing the Voluntary and Community Sector for Northern Ireland – speaker on ‘Social Investment in the Context of the Future of Voluntary Action’ at Social Investment Conference, Belfast (April 2004)

Third Sector Foresight Seminar – speaker on ‘Blended Value and Social Investment: New Ways of Thinking about Voluntary & Community Sector Funding’ (April 2006)

Treehouse Trust (now renamed Ambitious about Autism) – speaker on ‘Charities & TreeHouse: challenges for today & tomorrow’ at Trustee Board ‘Away Day’ (June 2006)

UBS Optimus Foundation – speaker on ‘Fund Raising & Beyond – How to Generate Income’ at BEST prACTices Symposium, Wolfsberg, Switzerland (November 2006)

UBS Philanthropy Services – Keynote presentation: ‘How Can Philanthropy Be Leveraged to Address Global Challenges?’; Plenary panel: ‘The Promise of Strategic Philanthropy’; Workshop panel: ‘Arts & Culture’; Working Group co-facilitator: ‘Philanthropy-Where are we Headed?’ UBS Philanthropy Forum, Wolfsberg, Switzerland (April 2005)

UK Youth – speaker at AGM (November 2002)

Unison Welfare (with On Board) – speaker at trustee and staff seminar on Risk Management (November 2006)

University of Cambridge, Judge Institute of Management, MSt Community Enterprise – lecture on ‘Can Charitable Funds and Community Enterprise Be Mixed?’ and co-presenter of seminar on ‘Social Finance and Investment’ (April 2002 and July 2003)

Wales Funders Forum – speaker on ‘Outcomes Funding: What is it and what are the consequences?’ at Annual Conference: ‘A Voice for Funders’ (October 2003)

WINGS (Worldwide Initiatives for Grantmaker Support) – speaker on ‘Big Bad Cities – Why is it Proving so Difficult to Start Community Foundations in the Capitals?’ at the European Foundation Centre’s 15th Annual General Assembly & Conference, Athens (June 2004)