Speaking Engagements – Conferences And Seminars 2007-Present

Alphamundi Group – speaker on ‘Mission Connected Investment – Emerging Opportunities’ at seminar on ‘The Social Investment Spectrum’ organised as a pre-conference event before the  EFC 19th Annual General Assembly and Conference, ‘Fostering Creativity,’ Istanbul (May 2008)

Amicus Foundation (with On Board) – speaker at trustee seminar (March 2007)

Arab Foundations Forum – speaker on ‘Monitoring & Evaluation Tools & How to Define Success’ at meeting in Istanbul (May 2008)

Asian Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN), BMW Foundation and British Council – speaker on ‘Future of Social Investment’ at European Study Tour for Asian government officials (November 2014)

Association of Charitable Foundations – speaker on ‘Mission Connected Investment – Practical Solutions’ at national conference (September 2007); chair of debate on ‘How Can We Achieve the Greatest Returns?’ at AGM (June 2009)

Banque de Luxembourg – speaker on ‘Mission Possible – Emerging Opportunities for Mission-Connected Investment’ and facilitator of debate at seminar on ‘The Social Finance Spectrum – Investment Vehicles and Trends,’ Luxembourg (October 2008)

Barrow Cadbury Trust – preparation and presentation of paper for trustees on ‘Connecting Values & Mission with Investments’ (January 2010)

Big Lottery Fund – Chair of debate on ‘This house believes evaluation is more interesting than influential’ at ‘Tidy Findings in an Untidy World’ conference on evaluation (November 2007)

Bill Bruty Associates (Fundraising Training Ltd) – co-presenter of seminars on ‘Turmoil or Tranquillity? Grant Making Trusts in a Recession’ (July 2009); ‘Charitable Trusts in Turbulent Times’ (June 2010); and ‘Through The Looking Glass – the financial fortunes of 100 charitable trusts 2004-2010’ (September 2011); The Brutal Facts – We All Pulled Together, or Not (September 2022)

Build Bangladesh – speech on Impact Investment: Financial Institution at 1st Impact Investment Summit, Dhaka (November 2016)

Campden Conferences – The Family Philanthropy Forum – co-presenter (with Active Philanthropy) of ‘Philanthropy Clinic’ (March 2009)

Canopus Foundation – speaker on ‘Holistic Approaches to Foundation Investment Policy’ at ‘Sympathetic Values – Innovative Funding Mechanisms for Social Change’ – a symposium at Badenweiler, Germany (October 2007)

CCLA Investment Management and Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisers – convenor of seminar on ‘Connecting Foundation Values and Mission with Investment Strategies’ for staff and trustees of endowed trusts and foundations (June 2009)

Centre for Charity Effectiveness, Cass Business School – co-leader of seminar for Third Sector Leaders in Lambeth on ‘Funding: Beyond Grants and Contracts – and Tee-Shirts’ (June 2010)

CFDG (Charity Finance Directors’ Group – now Charity Finance Group) – speaker on ‘Programme Related Investment’ at 16th Annual CFDG Conference ‘Making a Difference’ (May 2007)

China Global Philanthropy Institute Global Philanthropy Leaders Programme – speaker on ‘Social Impact Investment in the UK: What’s Happened? What Worked? What has been learnt? What next?’ at meeting on Social Investment and Innovation of Global Philanthropy Leaders Programme in London (October 2017)

City Bridge Trust – speaker at policy review meeting (May 2007); speaker on ‘New Forms of Funding’ and panellist at conference on Investing In Civil Society – Making The Money Go Further (February 2011)

Coutts Bank Philanthropy Services – assistance with staff training day (November 2009)

CreateKX – leader of seminar for arts organisations on ‘Money, Money, Money: Evaluating your Organisation’s Model for Income Generation (July 2009)

Creative Unit and Creative Skills Cornwall – leader of seminar ‘Is There Any New Money Out There?’ (January 2009)

Erasmus Centre for Strategic Philanthropy, Rotterdam – speaker on Philanthropy Challenges at centre’s launch conference ‘Strategic Philanthropy – Doing Good, Done Better’ (September 2009) and on ‘Strategic Grant-Making’ at European Conference on Strategic Philanthropy (November 2010)

ESSEC Business School, Institut de l’Innovation et de l’Entrepreneuriat Social, Paris – co-speaker on ‘What can a government do to encourage philanthropy and social investment? A look at the “Big Society” policies in the UK’ at ‘Lunch & Learn’ seminar (December 2011)

European Association for Philanthropy and Giving (EAPG) – speaker and panel leader at seminar on ‘Social Investment: Coming of Age’ (October 2010)

European Foundation Centre – Chair of speakers’ panel on ‘Community Philanthropy Marketplace’ at EFC 18th Annual General Assembly and Conference, ‘New Challenges for Global Philanthropy,’ Madrid (June 2007);
Speaker on ‘The Chief Executive and the Foundation Boards – Strategies for Success’ at ‘‘The Board’s Role in Crisis Management – Chief Executives Imperatives’, Milan (April 2008);
Chair of speakers’ panel on ‘Mission Connected Investing’ at EFC 19th Annual General Assembly and Conference, ‘Fostering Creativity,’ Istanbul (May 2008);
Speaker and co-facilitor at an ‘invitation only’ seminar, jointly organised with Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors for Board members, CEOs and Investment Officers, ‘Connecting Values and Mission with Investments,’ Brussels (February 2009);
Chair/facilitator of pre-conference event on ‘Life after the Community Philanthropy Initiative: What Next for European and Global Community Philanthropy Networks?’ and moderator of session on ‘Tackling Poverty and Exclusion Together: Can Community Foundations Rise to the Challenge?’ at EFC 20th Annual General Assembly and Conference, ‘Fighting Poverty – Creating Opportunities,’ Rome (May 2009);
Moderator of session on ‘Adrift in a Sea of Information: Finding the Right Management System’ at EFC 22nd Annual General Assembly and Conference, Resources and Sustainability – the Oceans,’ Cascais, Portugal (May 2011)

The European Research Network on Philanthropy (ERNOP) – speaker on ‘The Application of Learning & Research to the Practice of Philanthropy’ at 3rd ERNOP meeting, Budapest (February 2010)

European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA) – speaker at 3rd Annual European Conference (Madrid – October 2007)

Foundation North and Centre for Social Impact New Zealand – speaker on developments in social investment and philanthropy at session in Auckland for staff and trustees of Foundation North, Centre for Social Impact, the Tindall Foundation and the Vodafone Foundation (October 2015)

The Gift Trust – speaker, in conversation with Rod Oram, on ‘Money for Good: The Art of Giving’ hosted by Deloitte New Zealand in Auckland (November 2016) Download Report of Conversation

Giving Architects – speaker at meeting in Auckland on social investment convened by Giving Architects with Akina Foundation and AERA Foundation (October 2015); speaker at seminar on ‘Social Investment and Social Enterprise’ hosted by RSM New Zealand, Auckland (November 2016); speaker at workshop sessions on ‘Leveraging Social Investment to Complement Philanthropy’ and on ‘Money for Good – Leveraging Investment’ hosted by Deloitte New Zealand, Auckland (November 2016)

Giving Architects series of talks on ‘Social Impact Investment in the UK: What’s Happened? What’s Worked? What has been Learnt? What Next?’ with INGO leaders (Auckland – hosted by Child Fund), the Waikato Funding Community (Hamilton), an Impact Investing Workshop with Kelly Wachowicz (Catch Invest) hosted by Giving Architects and Envirostrat (Auckland) and a series hosted by EY in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney (April 2018)

Hanson Wade – speaker and panel leader on ‘Focus on Foundations and their Role in the Impact Investing Space’ at ‘Impact Investing Forum 2010’ (November 2010)

Impact Investing Australia – speaker at launch of ‘Blueprint to Market: Impact Capital Australia’ and at related events hosted by NAB in Sydney and Melbourne and by Perpetual in Sydney (October 2015); speaker on ‘Blended Capital – the Future of Impact Investing; Overseas Lessons and Trends’ convened jointly with EY Australia and Social Enterprise Finance Australia, Melbourne and Sydney (November 2016); speaker on ‘Financing for the Future’ at meeting hosted by Perpetual Limited, Sydney (November 2016); speaker on Finance for Impact’ at meeting convened jointly with Life Without Barriers and NAB, Sydney (November 2016)

Impact Investment Summit-Asia Pacific – speaker at three sessions in first ‘Summit’ in Sydney (October 2015)

Issimo – speaker at Benefactor User Group seminar: ‘Impact & Outcomes – funders learning from and about what they support’ (July 2007)

Jordans Charity Trustee Training Seminar – speaker on ‘Essential Skills for Charity Trustees’ (January 2007)

King’s Fund and Association of Charitable Foundations – speaker on What Enables or Disables Funders to Lead Change in their Organisation? within seminar series ‘Challenging Conversations for Funding Organisations (July 2007)

Luxembourg American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM) – speaker on ‘Philanthropy Elsewhere’ at conference on ‘Seizing the Opportunity for Philanthropy in Luxembourg’ (June 2009)

Luxembourg for Business – facilitator of seminar on ‘Advancing Biomedical Research: How Can Luxembourg Make a Difference?’ (February 2011)

Management Development Network – speaker at seminar on ‘Capacity Building: Added Value – a Funder Perspective (and a perspective on funders)’ (October 2009)

The Mercers’ Company – speaker on ‘Social Impact Investment’ at a strategy review meeting of The Court of Assistants (November 2013)

Mission, Models, Money – speaker at seminars and meetings designed to help arts and cultural organisations develop their financial and organisational sustainability – based on the co-authored paper: ‘New Financial Instruments: Going Beyond Grants and Donations – enlarging the financial toolbox (Seminars/meetings at the DCMS, April 2007; and in Newcastle, September 2007, September 2009 and April 2010; Nottingham, October 2007; Edinburgh, December 2007 and February 2008; and Manchester, February 2008) Download the Report. Also at ‘Funding Transition’ seminars in Edinburgh and Newcastle (December 2009)

Myer Foundation – speaker at meeting for philanthropic trusts and foundations convened jointly with Impact Generation Partners, Philanthropy Australia and Impact Investing Australia, Melbourne (November 2016)

National Advisory Board for Impact Investing in New Zealand – speaker at launch event organised by the Ākina Foundation, hosted by JBWere and Giving Architects, Auckland (April 2018)

National Council for Voluntary Organisations – speaker on ”From Asking to Earning – exploiting the sector’s entrepreneurial potential’ at Annual Conference (February 2007)

National Council for Voluntary Organisations and On Board – speaker, with Stephen Lloyd, Bates Wells & Braithwaite and Stephen Sears, ECT, on ‘Enterprising Governance’ at ‘Governance that Works – Leadership Making a Difference’, Annual Trustee Conference (October 2007)

NESst (Non-Profit Enterprise and Self-Sustainability Team) – speaker on ‘Beyond Grants – a spectrum of financing tools for social enterprises’ at ‘Looking Forward, Looking Back: The Evolution of the Social Enterprise Sector’ Symposium, Budapest (November 2007)

NSW Council of Social Service (NCOSS) & NSW Office of Social Impact Investment (OSII) of the NSW Government – speaker at plenary session on ‘What can we learn from the experience of the charity sector in the UK in engaging in social impact investing?’, member of panel discussing ‘Alternative trends in impact investment: achieving scale in energy and the environment’ at Investing for Good conference, Sydney (November 2017)

NSW Office of Social Impact Investment (OSII) of the NSW Government – speaker at dinner on ‘Future of Social Impact Investing’, Corrs Chambers Westgarth, Sydney (November 2017)

On Board Governance Development – speaker on ‘The Pillars of Good Governance and How Boards can Enhance their Effectiveness’ (September 2014)

Philanthropie Lu (Philanthropy, Foundations and Charity in Luxembourg) – speaker and panel facilitator at conference for trustees and chief executives of foundations from throughout Europe on ‘Responsible Leadership in Times of Change’ organised by the Banque de Luxembourg (October 2009)

Philanthropy Australia – speaker at lunchtime session for staff and council members, Melbourne (October 2015); speaker to UK Study Tour on ‘Impact investing and the relationship between social investment, charities and philanthropy,’ London (October 2017); speaker at Thought Leadership Forum, Brisbane (April 2018)

Philanthropy New Zealand – speaker at Social Impact Investing: An Expert’s View at seminar in Auckland; also sessions with Philanthropy NZ Board members and with Department of Internal Affairs Strategic Group on Social Enterprise (October 2015); speaker at conference on ‘Investing for Impact: creating a blueprint for New Zealand’, Auckland (November 2016); speaker at Network Symposium on ‘‘Wicked Problems’ in Philanthropy’, Auckland (April 2018)

Primetimers – speaker on ‘The changing face of trust and foundation funding’ at Network Seminar (November 2007)

PILnet – The Global Network for Public Interest Law (formerly the Public Interest Law Institute – PILI) – panel member and speaker on ‘Challenging Times: The Civil Society Perspective’ at Third Annual European Pro Bono Forum Budapest (November 2009)

Responsible Investment Association Australasia – panel member at session on ‘Impact across the asset classes – getting impact investment outcomes from your whole portfolio’ at RI Australia Conference, Melbourne (November 2016); panel member at session on ‘Building an impact portfolio – trusts and foundations’ at Impact Investment Forum, Auckland (April 2018)

Schroders (now Cazenove) Charities – speaker on ‘Mission Possible?’ at Schroders Charity Forum ‘2010: An Investment Odyssey’ (November 2010)

Swinburne Philanthropy Alumni – speaker at 10th Anniversary celebration in Melbourne (October 2015)

Triodos Bank – speaker at seminar on Mission Related Investment for Dutch charities at Zeist, the Netherlands (September 2007); also article ‘Connecting Investments to Mission; the Challenge for Foundations’ for Triodos news (Winter 2007) Download the article

UBS Philanthropy Services – Keynote presentation: Inflection Point Strategies; Chair, plenary panel: ‘What’s Next for Philanthropy?’ at Philanthropy Round Table, Palo Alto, USA (April 2007); Chair, plenary panel: ‘Global Philanthropy – Racing up the S-Curve’; workshop panels on ‘Choosing Your Foundation CEO: a few pointers’ and ‘From Mission-Related Investments to Liquid Social Capital Markets’ at Philanthropy Forum, ‘Intervening at the Inflection Point,’ Sintra, Portugal (July 2007); Workshop panel member on ‘Endowment Management and Mission-Related Investment’ and on ‘Leverage and Greater Focus: Restructuring a Project Portfolio’ at European Philanthropy Forum ‘Building Change Communities’ Monaco (May 2008)

UK Community Foundations – facilitator of panel debate on ‘Grassroots Philanthropy’ and leader of workshop sessions on ‘Leadership in Testing Times’ at annual conference on ‘Grassroots Philanthropy – Changing Our World Together’ (September 2009)

University of Kent Centre for Philanthropy – speaker on ‘UK Charitable Trusts and Foundations’ at Fundraising & Philanthropy MA module (2013, 2014, 2015) and on What is Philanthropy For in the 21st Century? at ‘Understanding Philanthropy’ International Conference (June 2015)

University of Kent Centre for Philanthropy – speaker on ‘The Wicked Problems of Philanthropy’ to Fundamentals of Philanthropy Study Day (2019) and to MA on Philanthropic Studies (2018), on What is Philanthropy For in the 21st Century? at ‘Understanding Philanthropy’ International Conference (June 2015), and on ‘UK Charitable Trusts and Foundations’ at Fundraising & Philanthropy MA module (2013, 2014, 2015, 2018, 2019, 2022).

West Midlands Charitable Trusts Group – speaker on ‘Reflections on current developments and trends in philanthropy’ (October 2008)